V5.0.0 too slow on Windows

(Brady Miller) #21

Hi @arnabnaha ,
Would be more ideal to modify it. Is there a way you could copy/paste exactly what you have in your my.ini file now. Then I’ll rebuild the xammp/openemr package with that my.ini file.

(Dr. Arnab Naha) #22

Hi brady,
I am emailing you the my.ini file i have. Hope it helps you!

Thanks and regards,

(Brady Miller) #23

Planned changes making on the xampp default my.ini for recording purposes:

  1. innodb_buffer_pool_size from 16M to 256M
  2. innodb_additional_mem_pool_size from 2M to 20M
  3. innodb_log_file_size from 5M to 64M

An odd thing I noted but did not change is that the key_buffer is used rather than key_buffer_size (this is myisam specific, so didn’t touch this, though)

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(Brady Miller) #24


I just released a new xampp/openemr 5.0.0 package with the registration bug fix and changes to mysql settings(see above post for exact setting changes). Please test and let me know if the speed is improved.


(Brady Miller) #25

Some very nice tips for speed optimization can be found on this thread: