Uses of Fee Posting Sub Menu

(aterad) #1

what is the use or how can ‘posting’ under fee menu be used?
I am using openemr 5.0.1(7)

(Nilesh Hake) #2

Hi @aterad,

Its used for ERA posting into OpenEMR. Means, If you send your x12 files to clearinghouse ( like office allay) they will send you ERA file on your mail or FTP server that ERA file you can import it from the above sub-menu.


(ViSolve) #3


In addition to ERA Posting, The screen allows to manually enter a source ( Eg. check number ), pay date and check amount. The amount field will be automatically decremented as payments are entered into the associated invoices.

The search fields, with the blue background, are for locating a specific invoice (or invoices). Enter the appropriate parameters, such as the date of service, and click ‘Search’ to bring up a list of all invoices (claims) matching the requested parameters.

The Payment could be from Insurance companies or by the patient.

Hope it helps!!!


(aterad) #4

Thanks @Nilesh_Hake and @visolveemr, your responses helped out.