User and integration cap

(Colin MacKenzie) #1


Can anyone tell me if there are any integration limits for Open EMR and if there is a cap on the number of users?


(ViSolve) #2

Not sure what you meant by integration limits as any application can communicate with OpenEMR and OpenEMR can call any other application (like Mirth Connect for interoperability).
If you want to know is there a user limit in OpenEMR:
*OpenEMR itself does not have any user limits
*However, Apache, MySQL and the OS all have their own limits.
-ViSolve OpenEMR support Team

(Stephen Nielson) #3

Be aware that currently some parts of the OpenEMR application is under the AGPL license. That will limit what and who you can integrate with if they are not compatible with the AGPL license.

There is some work being done to get licensees to change their AGPL license to GPL3 which will ease some of your integration challenges.