Upgrade problem

hello Community
when i want to upgrade openemr 4.1.2 to version 6.0.1 i have this error

Query Error

ERROR: query failed: INSERT INTO layout_options (form_id, field_id, group_name, title, seq, data_type, uor, fld_length, max_length, list_id, titlecols, datacols, default_value, edit_options, description) VALUES (‘DEM’, ‘industry’, IFNULL(@group_name,@backup_group_name), ‘Industry’, @seq+1, 1, 1, 0, 0, ‘Industry’, 1, 1, ‘’, ‘’, ‘Industry’ )

Error: Column ‘seq’ cannot be null

/home/ampforgm/public_html/openemr/library/sql_upgrade_fx.php at 933:sqlStatement
/home/ampforgm/public_html/openemr/sql_upgrade.php at 88:upgradeFromSqlFile(4_2_0-to-4_2_1_upgrade.sql)
someone can help me

the column group_name was dropped in the 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 upgrade so you might not be running the upgrade on a 4.1.2 version db