Update Your Amazon RDS SSL/TLS Certificates by February 5, 2020

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #21

Oh my. You need to upgrade to the latest patches for that, then upgrade, then patch.

Usually before I do anything risky, I create images of my EC2 instance and a snapshot of my database. By default the system probably creates a few snapshots of your database as backup … if set up correctly. You can always restore these images.


(Jonas Bush) #22

I’m curious what will happen with this Stack Creation that’s using the 5.0.2 recovery script against our 5.0.1-3 data? Unknown?

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #23

Unless the system is in a working to begin with, I don’t know how well the recovery will work crosses fingers. I haven’t had much luck with the recovery feature in the past but that was a while back (circa 5.0.0 or so). I always use the AWS images and database snapshots as backup because that way I know the instance (EC2 or database) is fully and properly backed up as a working entity — very robust.

If you are restoring an image or snapshot (“stack”) … it should work very well.


(Jonas Bush) #24

So after doing the little dance to stop EC2 autostarting docker, I was able to use the information in this post (Planning for OpenEMR 5.0.2 release) to upgrade the site to 5.0.2, and now everything is back up and I think we’re at the right point to do the SSL/TLS cert swap. Thanks so much for all your help!