Update navigation menu in Tabs mode

(sergio samoilovich) #1

I added a few new options in left_nav.php, and I can use them in Frames Navigation mode, but not in the Tabs Navigation mode. I found a file where I can hardcode them, interface/main/tabs/menu/menus/standard.json, but it is more difficult.
Is it a way to self-generate this .json file?

I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.1, and several browsers with the same result.

(Nilesh Hake) #2

Hi sergiors,

Can please tell me where do you want add this feature(menu->sub-menu) and location of file I will give you updated standard.json file for same.

(sergio samoilovich) #3

Hello. I uploaded the new left_nav.php file, with 10 new links to additional features in my system. You are welcome to test it at medical-records.net/openemr1 , using user: olivia and password: oliviacaleta …

The new options appear when clicking Patient/Client.

Thanks for your help!


left_nav.php (86.8 KB)