Unusable Input Fields

Hi, since the new update from 5.x to 6.x, we’ve found there are a couple of input fields that are very difficult to work with.

For example, when you open an encounter and go to ‘Vitals’ the input fields are all very small. This isn’t an issue so much if you are entering 2-3 digit values. But when you get to the ‘Other Notes’ it is impossible to see what you are typing when the input field is only 2 characters wide.

Additionally, in the Messages, when you create a new message, the message text doesn’t show the entire message - you have to scroll to the right to view it all.


Hi @apothik

I think the issue you’re describing is discussed in this thread. This should be a link to the fix.

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Hi Rachel
Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I did do a search before opening my request but may not have been specific enough.

I appreciate your help!

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