Undistrbuted funds after uploading an ERA

(Stephen Waite) #43

just noticed the CO*144 with MIPS this year and without this fix it clutters the eob screen and should probably work to clean up the billing statement by combining all similar adjustments to one line

the table might help with presenting the denials on the output of the EOB posting page where one could view only zero paid claims and exclude deductibles so a biller could focus on which claims need follow up; sometimes a little investigation/inquiry helps make the payer take responsibility

(Daniel) #44

@stephenwaite @brady.miller
I am going through the parse_era.inc.php file and I am having trouble figuring out the logic behind declaring the loop after running the parse_era() function.

When we are going through the CLP portion, CLP falls under the 2100 loop. Yet, when we read the CLP line

we send the CLP info to the parse_era_2100 file but the loop_id is ‘2000’ when $out is sent, event though it should be 2100. The loop_id doesn’t become 2100 until after the parse_era fn is called.

Since the value of loop_id is 2000, it doesn’t meet the if statement critera to get processed:

Is there something I am missing or should lines 208 and 209 be reversed?