Unable to upload a directory

@rdh61 Well two issues happening here:

  • Your zip contains subdirectories. You can only upload a directory of images e.g. STD00001. It looks like I’m silent on this error! Unknown why I don’t trickle to interface.
  • There are dvm viewer image load errors: Error: Cannot append a slice with different number of columns in the STD00001 and 00002 study. Now I’ll still allow the study to render however It is up to the reviewer if the number of missing slices would affect results enough to be unreliable.

There have been numerous new versions of the viewer project since I last addressed this project so I’ll have to research to see if this is a bug or unusual for a study.
I also need to better handle error reporting but at least many are recorded in PHP error load.

I think if you follow @stephenwaite advise for max files and you can only upload a single directory of slices then this issue is resolve at least for current projects capability.

Ah, thank you.

But I’m afraid I do not know how to do this. And if I attempted to follow the advice I can find online (which always assumes knowledge I do not have), it would be a guessing game and I would certainly louse things up.

Could you be so kind as to give me step by step instructions?

hi @rdh61 , that should fall under professional support at this point based on all of the past assistance provided with your docker setup

Point taken.

And thank you for the link. Your memory for the details of your past assistance is obviously better than mine.

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OK, thank you for your help.