Unable to save Global settings

So installed the new version 6 for my dr. only to find out that he couldn’t save any global settings. Then viewing this old thread - Error saving globals. I managed to disable mod_security.

A bit of security issue? Anything to change that in future? Not a smash for me to disable it while he updates and re-enable it again afterwards, but I suspect more non technical people will find that to be difficult to email their provider/support to do it the whole time.

So someone would need to go through the modsecurity SecRules and determine which rules are failing for OpenEMR when saving the globals. Modsecurity can be pretty good but I’ve had it block default wordpress installs in the past due to some of the rule configurations.

I believe there is some kind of debug mode for modsecurity that will explain the particular rule that is failing. If you get more details on what it doesn’t like someone here may be able to propose a fix in OpenEMR core so you don’t have to do this everytime your provider wants to change the settings.