Unable to DELETE a payment LINE

This Fee Sheet has two COPAY lines added, trying to delete them is impossible, is that a bug ? is there any other way to get it ?

my apologies for the late response. Did you get this resolved? Also, which version of the program are you using?

hi @juggernautsei , responded to @Fernando_Guerra on the telegram channel, have to use a work around and delete in the invoice

I will use this thread to say that I have uncovered another bug in the system.
Before I run off and try and fix it. Has it already been addressed? The issue is with deleting a payment. Yes, I duplicated the issue in the demo system.
Add a payment to the batch payment, then try to delete the payment. This is the error message.

ok, nice, if you can replicate the bug in a development demo then it hasn’t been fixed.

It is broken there also.

The workaround I used for this is:

 if ($And == '') {
        $QueryString = "Select * from  ar_session where payer_id = '0'";
    $ResultSearch = sqlStatement($QueryString, $sqlBindArray);

I will take time to figure out the conditions later if someone else does not get to it before I do.