Unable to change password in OpenEMR 5.0.1

(Marco) #1

Trying to change the password either the user or the administrator for them produces an error message:
Failure during database access! Check server error log. (generated in privDB)
Debuging the process it looks like it is always trying to insert into users_secure instead of updating.

Can someone help solving this issue?

(Brady Miller) #2

hi @marco ,
What is your operating system and what 5.0.1 patch are you up to?

(Marco) #3

Hi Brady,
I’m working on a linux CentOS 6.9 server

with php 7.1.11

and Open EMR v5.0.1(1)


(Brady Miller) #4

Hi @marco ,

Rec seeing if going to most recent patch fixes this:
(it contains the following fix:
privDB fix - reported by Sandra Gutierrez, fixed by Brady Miller)