Trying to Install 5.0.1 on ubuntu 18.04

(Paul) #1

I’ve installed apache, mysql, php and moved openemr folder to var/www/html…

after typing localhost/openemr in address bar, everything looks normal and checks out…clicking to the screen to type in the database root pass and openemr user for mysql, I click next…and it stalls at step 3 with failure to create openemr user in mysql…Not sure whats causing this. Are there php dependencies that Im missing? The root mysql has a password and is set to use password for authentication.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.1

I’m using: firefox

Operating System
I’m using: ubuntu 18.04

Not sure what to check, unable to create openemr user in mysql.

(Jerry Zak) #2

If my memory serves OpenEMR depends on the following:
I typically use Synaptic to install these along with their dependencies.
If not satisfied beforehand, OpenEMR installation will return errors and finish
with broken packages.

(Paul) #3

I got it working, instead of making the webpage script create the user “openemr”, I just created the user from command line within mysql, then revisited the openemr database creation page and it worked successfully. Now able to login to the main page.