The tracking don't work in openemr 6 with PHP 8.1 (BUGS REPORT)

Hi every one.
I have detected a problem that @sjpadgett , @brady.miller , @luisuriarte and @stephenwaite can surely solve.
I had openemr 6.0.0(3) in production under xampp on win 10 with PHP 7.4 and everything worked fine, but after upgrading to 8.1, the traces are no longer visible, the screen is blank.
How could I solve without lowering the version of php.

Thank you

can you revert back to php 7.4?

That is a problem, you would have to reinstall the version of xampp that you have in 7.4 !!!. There is no other way ? thank you !!

What would be the optimal version of PHP for openemr 6? One has a tendency to put the last one to be updated and sometimes these things happen! I hope it can be solved without downloading the version, although I don’t know if I’ll have problems with other things later, because I saw that version 6.1 is running on php 8 not 8.1

Thanks again

can you upgrade to openemr 6.1?

I would really like to, but I have seen some problems with the ophthalmology forms and my sister is an ophthalmologist, so I preferred to wait for the first patches to come out.

can post a pre-patch for 6.1.0 here for you

ophthalmology has been fixed afaik

I have a backup of the same system in my note with php 8.1 and openemr 6.0.0(4), do you want me to test the update to 6.1 to see if the problem continues? Could you pass me the patch to solve the first bugs reported with the forms in version 6.1?
thank you

sure, here it is, (622.0 KB)

Thanks, I read the instructions for the update and the patch and comment

Excellent, with version 6.1 in PHP 8.1 the problem has been solved, to install the pre-patch I only overwrite the directories right?, there is no update for the database?
thanks again

there is an update for the database, lemme check on patch.sql which is run by the patch process

not seeing anything for patch.sql so should be all set