Surgical Forms from LBF module

(Dave Kasprzak) #1

I have designed these forms for small outpatient surgery center, they conform to Joint Commission and AORN standards for documentation. I am not sure if the lists will populate, you may have to go back in and type in information for the lists that are used.

IntraOp_OR_Prog_Note.sql (8.3 KB)
Minor_OR_Proc_Rec.sql (15.7 KB)
Nurses_Note_Continu.sql (10.6 KB)
OR_PACU Eval_Part_1.sql (26.8 KB)
OR_PREOP_Checklist.sql (11.3 KB)
Phlebotomy_Therapeutic.sql (14.9 KB)
PRE_aNES_aSSESS.sql (46.5 KB)
PreopOrder_openemr_config.sql (7.8 KB)
Substance_Use_Qx.sql (7.0 KB)
Urodynamic_Questions.sql (10.9 KB)