Specs for Demo Instances?

(Tim) #1

I’m curious what the server and db specs are for the demo instances? I just deployed OpenEMR Standard on AWS using t3.large instances and the performance is significantly worse than on the demos. It takes about 2 seconds for most requests to complete. I’m wondering if this is a resource issue (seems unlikely with .large instances) or something else.

If anyone has seen this before with AWS deployments, any direction as to a resolution to save debugging time would be really helpful. Thanks!

OpenEMR Version

I’m using: Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: MacOS

(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @Tim ,
Demo farm uses a t2.large and runs about 12 specialized openemr demo dockers, which runs about 50 total openemr demos. It actually used to do well on t2.medium, however had to upgrade it when OpenEMR went to a build process (via composer and npm), since almost all 50 demos reset at about the same time daily. Standard should not be slow; perhaps other folks can weigh in on this? @jesdynf may be able to weigh in with some debugging advice.

(Tim) #3

Thanks @brady.miller,

It’s not unbearably slow, but it is noticably slower than demo.

From chrome dev tools -
On demo:
Initial login: 1.17s load
Pt list: ~150ms
Admin - globals: ~550ms

On a fresh install of Standard on AWS t2.large:
Initial login: 3.67s
Pt list: ~535ms
Admin - globals: 3.4s

So not totally unusable, but a pretty noticeable difference, and I’m not sure where it could be coming from. I already tried optimizing the MySQL settings with no real change.

(Asher Densmore-Lynn) #4

AWS Standard is backed by an RDS instance – what size did you use? Check the metrics; is it somehow under heavy load?