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Special paid extra services

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping you all are doing well and staying at home.

I’m new to OpenEMR and my company just got a new customer and we did market research and presented some options to the customer and they decided to go with OpenEMR.

They are a chain of nursing homes for the elderly. They are pretty big and have been in the market for 40 years now and they have a system to manage the homes which, to be honest, works quite well, it was a custom design just for them and all developed from scratch, but the system is a little outdated now and the company who developed it for them is not giving anymore support so they decided to have this new solution.

Anyway, just giving a little introduction to the situation.

Right now I’m working on migrating their data into OpenEMR (A really painful process, the two systems are not very compatible) and while doing that I’m understanding what gaps we have and will need to be customized in OpenEMR in order to make work for the customer. I’m happy with LBV Forms, a lot of things I can migrate using it, I’m little concerned about performance as the table to hold the form data is only one and might get too big, anyway, this is a topic for another question. Let me get to my point:

As I said I’m new, so I’m sorry if the question is too superficial.

The customer has some extra services that the patients can use such as haircuts and other barbershop services, delivery of newspapers and magazines, internet access, special meals, they also treat some medical stuff the same way this extra services, physiotherapy, psychology appointments, and others.

Is there a way to register this in OpenEMR? Also, I might have some services that are available in one facility, but not available in others, Is it possible to link the services to facilities?

Thank you all in advance, have a nice day.