SOAP Nation Note saved to other patient

(Brady Miller) #21

Hi @cornutaurus ,

Rec ensuring that your bug is fixed on the demos here which are now using patch 3:

And if your bug is fixed there, then I’d rec thinking about upgrading to 5.0.1 (of course, do the upgrade on a testing instance first and have a good backup etc.).



I’m not sure if it was on my end or not.
OS: Linux Mint
OpenEMR Version: 5.0.1(7)

It happened again today. Last patient of yesterday and first patient of today got mixed up. I noticed the visit summary box, Reason: ___ did not get mixed up. Only the custom layout/nation notes got mixed up.

Luckily I backup my data everyday. After back up my data it seemed to work again for those 2 patients. The computer I’m using is the one I have my server and data on. We also have another staff that is using another computer but she is set to billing/front desk.

I don’t think I did anything different from any other days.


OS: Linux Mint
OpenEMR Version: 5.0.1(7)

I encountered another error.
This was more than a month ago.

First image is the patient with her notes.

Second image is the patient with SOAP notes that is exactly from the first patient.

If I try to change anything in 1 patient, the other one changes as well.

The only thing changes are the custom form - SOAP notes. The encounter form did not change thus you can see the different in reasons for each encounter.

As of right now this is the only error I’ve encountered so far.

Could someone help or give advise. Thanks