SOAP Nation Note saved to other patient


XAMPP version 5.0.0

Error: SOAP notes saved to more than 1 patient.

It just something i noticed recently. Updated to version XAMPP 5.0.0 about 2-3 months ago on Windows 7 computer (Using as central computer, which no one is using)

We use other computers in the clinic for daily stuff. They’re all Windows 10. Use local IP address/openemr to get access to main computer. We have front desk person but only have access to “Front Office”. Only I have access to Encounter SOAP.

For notes I used mainly “Nation Notes” with pre-set context, category, components. Never had any problems with these.

Recently I noticed that some patient SOAP have been filled out that doesn’t belong to that patient. I checked the correct patient SOAP and it has the same thing.

To be clear, I opened patient A Encounter to put in SOAP note. Saw it was filled already but it doesn’t belong to patient A. It belongs to patient B. Checked patient B SOAP note and I see that patient B SOAP note is the same as patient A. So it seemed to save it twice to 2 different patients.

The thing is, it doesn’t do it for everyone. So I don’t know why it does that. I don’t think I made a mistake of putting it in the wrong patient’s file because I do it every day.

@brady.miller & @stephenwaite. It could have been the way my setup was. It doesn’t happen on all patients.

(Stephen Waite) #2

thanks @cornutaurus, if you could verify in the logs that another user switched to view the patient during the time that you were working on the soap note that inadvertently ended up on that other pt that would help the diagnosis


Yes, the only user is mine. The other user (staff) don’t have access to Encounter.

(Stephen Waite) #4

ok, do you use multiple tabs in your browser with a couple of openemr sessions simultaneously and/or multiple browser sessions that are logged into openemr?


Sometimes I have Documents and Encounter open on the browser so I could see and type. I also use multiple computers but I save my work once I’m done with a computer.


This is what I’m talking about. I’m doing it at the moment and without anyone else in the office.

I typed in “This is for patient 441 on date 05/21” and it saved on patient ID 441 with encounter #7188.

However, when I opened another patient’s soap note it has the same writing. That patient’s ID is 441 with encounter 7188. See pics

I’m switching to Linux because it gives me too much headache. The thing it doesn’t do it for all patient, only a few.

(Stephen Waite) #7

thanks for more detail @cornutaurus, believe this is linked to this issue, Getting abruptly logged out or cross patient data. · Issue #1644 · openemr/openemr · GitHub


Thank you. do you know if it just for windows or for linux too?

(Stephen Waite) #9

hi @cornutaurus linux too

(Brady Miller) #10

Hopefully just brought a fix for this into the codebase :slight_smile:


Awesome, that was fast. I’m not familiar with github coding. How do I install or update it? Do I open the files manually and paste it in the code?

(Stephen Waite) #12

hi @cornutaurus, pretty sure it will be in the next patch but you could always hand edit if need be


Will this solve the eSign also? Because it gives a wrong time and date when generating report. View encounter has the correct time. But after click on generating report, it gives a different time (and this time is the same time as some one else).

For example. When viewing Encounter it has eSign date as 2018-04-12 16:17:54. (Correct time) When generating report it has 2018-04-12 11:22:27

I posted this last year thinking it was just maybe switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but it might not be the reason. Different Date when generating report

Before upgrading to 5.0.0, everything was fine. No problem with eSign or SOAP notes.

(Stephen Waite) #14

don’t think so @cornutaurus, this is a separate issue, most likely due to multiple saved esign encounters in the database and not selecting the most recent

(Brady Miller) #15

If the time is the same as somebody else, then it is possible (although agree with Stephen that it may not) that this may fix it, since there were also session issues with the Esign button that were fixed.


When i checked under phpmyadmin the eSign displayed when clicked on [Generate Report] belongs to a different person with a different Encounter.
If I were to sign to an Encounter twice, when click on [Generate Report] it would display both eSign date.

Anyway, I really appreciate the fix. To my understanding the link for the fix has 4 files. some session fixes (#1659) · openemr/openemr@94c38a7 · GitHub

Do I click on the [View] button on the right of each file then copy the entire code and paste it into my current file for all 4 files?

Right now, when I changed the affected person’s SOAP, it’d change the other’s person SOAP also.

Thank you,

(Brady Miller) #17

hi @cornutaurus ,
To clarify, which OpenEMR version are you using?
(as long as there are no issues, patch 3 with these fixes should be released this evening :slight_smile: )


hello i’m using version 5.0.0. Thanks

(Brady Miller) #19

hi @cornutaurus ,
That is going to be really tough since the code is markedly different in the patched areas between 5.0.0 and 5.0.1


I see. Thanks. So I just have to upgrade to version 5.0.1 and it should have the fix already included?