Share Your openEMR Success Story


Please add your facility/org to the OpenEMR Success Stories page:

This is a great opportunity to show everyone that OpenEMR works for you and for prospective users to gain confidence in our system.

If you don’t want to create an account on the wiki, please post your entry here and I’ll work it in on your behalf.

You don’t have to list your organization’s name if privacy is a concern. A generic location/description will suffice.


Matthew Vita


@robert.down I’m trying to revive this dormant page. It’s on the front page of our wiki and I see it as a marketing opportunity.

Can you pin this post to Day-to-Day users for a couple of weeks?


Matthew Vita



Pinned. Now that the new forums and chat transition is complete my next task is to work on a couple of long-form stories to show implementation, somewhere betweena white paper and a satisfied user story. Will keep an eye on this page


@robert.down Thank you. Also, that sounds like a great idea!