Set up reminders

(jalea real) #1

Hi, I need to create reminders
Our immunization program it’s like this
1° vaccine starts at 2nd month of age
2° vaccine 1 month later
the next one 12 month later, and every year all their life

I’m a vet and we send emails to remind immunization. Is there a way to set up this immunization program? I’ve been working in that, but i can’t figure out how to make this, and if it’s possible.

EDIT: I’ve change the influenza vaccination reminders >50 years…
and works fine, but I don’t kdnow where to change de Short Description, I can’t find it anywhere, I would like to change it.

(ViSolve) #2

Hello @jalea,

We assume that body of the immunization reminder will be the short description . If you want to change
reminder short description please make changes in the following file.


goto show_reminders function and change the $mail->Body = with your content .

Kindly check this and let us know if you have futher clarifications.


(jalea real) #3

I cannot find it
this is the short description i mean

(ViSolve) #4

OpenEMR automatically imports CVX code base when we install .
Unfortunately we couldn’t edit the short description for Immunization code in OpenEMR.
But it can be done by some code customization.


(jalea real) #5

ok thanks, i’ll open a new topic with that question. Thanks

(R Magauran) #6

You’ll be able to do this in 5.0.1 with the Recall Board if you want to use it for your immunization program.
There will also be new ways to do reminder/recall campaigns which may meet your needs.
It’s going to be an exciting release!