Serving to outside computer

Is there a way to safely serve openemr from the server in my office to my home computer? I could use port forwarding, but I understand that it is not very safe.
Plus, I do not quite understand how to use port forwarding. It seems that I type 80 in for my internal port, but what do I type in for my external port? I have the static address of my router, How do I put that into an IUP address to contact my openemr server specifically, and not the other computers on the intranet in my office?

@docrovner you may want to do some background reading on how to setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network). There is free software out there that does this as well as commercial software. Using the VPN will let you have an encrypted channel that you can then be more secure in using your server from your home computer.

It is a more advanced topic which you can learn if you’d like, or reach out to an IT consultant to help you set it up.

As @adunsulag points out for sure, you can’t just port forward a port on your intranet outside.
Why was my first question when seeing this post pop up last night? I’m curious.

Do you have a registered domain? If so, ya need to pick which server will serve openemr otherwise you can’t have both, office and home.

If openemr is served just from your localhost then a secure VPN may be your answer and is kind of cool thinking about it. Please report back to us how that turns out as I bet others in the community will benefit.