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Secondary Insurance Causing ERROR

Hello to all,
There are patient’s who have a secondary insurance that is not handled well by the clearing house. For example; patient’s that have Medicare as primary and Bankers Life as secondary are rejected by Availity. However, if the secondary (Bankers) is deleted then Medicare itself will crossover to Bankers and everything goes well. What is the best method of handling this situation, without deleting the secondary insurance? We have tried the following without success; Deactivate the insurance, Default X12 Partner left Blank and not inputting a CMS ID.
Any ideas?

Thank You,

hi @hamd, what’s the error from availity?

Hi Stephan,
Thank you for the response.
“Error message: Element SBR05 is missing. It is required when SBR01 is not ‘P’ and payer is Medicare. Segment SBR is defined in the guideline at position 2900.”

Basically Availity doesn’t have Bankers, Colonial Penn and some other insurances in their payers lists. The staff input the patients insurance, as they should, but then the insurance needs to be removed before transmitting, otherwise you get a denial. If you delete the insurance, Medicare will correctly medigap the Bankers. This has been a problem since the beginning.

hi @hamd, change this to match what is in this line

Hi Stephen,
Just to be clear, so line 1007 gets copied to line 1003 right?

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