Scanning immunization vials for entering vaccinations: Looking for feedback

(Daniel) #1

Hi all.

I am currently working on a tool that will help improve work-flow for inputing vaccines. This is an addition to an existing improvement (worked in by a previous developer, improved since the initial code submission)that I have not yet contributed to the community. I have questions about the best approach given the direction this project has gone.

The improvement included a picker that allows the end user to choose from a picklist determined by the patients age. When the vaccine is picked, some of the immunization form is autopopulated:

The information comes from the following forms which is saved to a custom table:

The immunization information:

The immunization schedules:

I’d like to follow best practices and include the ability to use the drug table if used. At this time, I haven’t worked on someones system who used the drug table. Suggestions?

My plan is to submit this for OpenEMR501 because automating data entry is a major improvement to workflow.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #2

It is difficult to make a suggestion. The work you are displaying look well thought out. Best practices is to use the standardized coding methods you see in other parts of the system. Use the namespace and modern formatting. Is all the advice I can give based on what you have written. If you want to take it as step further. Use doctrine to model the database connection.


(Sherwin Gaddis) #3

What did you end up doing with this question?

(Daniel) #4

I’ve been working on other projects but I have improved the tool so I can import the most current vaccines from the cdc website. I’ve been pretty busy as of latey but I should have a branch made available soon for the community to review.