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Scaling up OpenEMR instances

This is an infrastructure question based on openEMR and relates to traditional web development as well. I’m looking for advice on scaling up. We are looking to expand openEMR to multiple clinics, but each of these clinics will function independently from each other, not even sharing the data. So to give a rough idea, imagine there is clinic x, clinic y.

Question 1 looking for suggestions
Right now, we have clinic x and clinic y on the same AWS instance, but they each get their own domains and databases. Even the code base is not shared, so even to update them, login via SSH to clinic x, git pull and repeat for clinic y. Is there any suggestions to improve this behaviour? Internet searches have recommended Docker to manage and using CI to deploy (such as Jenkins).

Question 2 looking for suggestions
One fine day, if they decide they want to share patient data, but not the visit information between clinic x and clinic y, is there a way to do right now in openEMR? So if there is patient a, who visited both, if we enable this their personal details will be shared but not the visit/prescriptions. Would either OpenEMR multisite or multi clinic (facilities) in it enable to do this?

Looking for ideas, thank you for reading.

hi @cyril, question 1 could be addressed by multisite

question 2, no, don’t think it’s possible currently

thank you, I’m looking at the multi-setup right now. I get this error at the cloning database stage. I gave in root access as well, any guesses? seems to be related to the dump. This is on a local MAMP server.

Dumping source database...Error 127 running "mysqldump -u 'root' -h localhost -p'root' --opt --skip-extended-insert --quote-names -r C:/windows/temp/setup_dump.sql 'openemrdb'":