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Same usernames but different capitalisation are intertwined

I created a user using some capital letters, then again with the same name in all lower case. OpenEMR gave a message that there was some issue with the database, then created the user.

I can find no way to remove the account that I don’t want. I take it this is not possible.

When I go into administration > ACL to try to remove access control for the user with the upper case letters, if I remove the access control for one of the users it removes it for both; the drop-down list appears for the one user whilst an empty drop-down list appears at the same time against the other user.

OpenEMR on Linux.

I’m not sure what to look for in the log at Administration > Other > Logs, I haven’t found any errors yet.

Any help with lessening the impact of the user with the capital letters in the username gratefully received. Thanks.

Hello Pete

I guess you can inactivate the user you want to remove. This can be done by unchecking the “Active” checkbox in Edit User screen.

Thank You
Infeg Team

Ahh yes great thank you @Infeg_Services, I will use that.

(The above issue still stands as an OpenEMR issue though, if anyone’s interested)