Restrict Patient Encounters only to Assigned Provider/Clinician


We’re using OpenEMR 6.0. I’m looking for a way for clinicians/physicians to only be able to view the encounters of their respective patients.

For example:
Doctor A opens an encounter for Patient A, and logs a dental issue for patient A
Doctor B, who never worked with Patient A, should not be able to view the encounter histories for Patient A (e.g. the dental issue).

I’ve searched for multiple posts regarding this and it looks like there is no built-in functionality in OpenEMR that does this? So far that only thing I can see is do the restriction through facilities, or ACL sensitivities. I just want to ask if this is still the case for OpenEMR 6.0, and we would need to do some custom coding/modules for this?

Thanks for your help.

hi @HCsquared, please see this thread for a nice way to approach this.