Restore error, 'default' already exists


(Donald Allison PA-C) #1

Restoring from built in tool. I am using version 5.0.0 on a Ubuntu system.
I am receiving this error:

New OpenEMR web directory [/var/www/openemr]?
Error: Site ‘default’ already exists in ‘/var/www/openemr/sites’.

I am not sure how to remove the previous default or how to correct this error.
Thank you

(Donald Allison PA-C) #2

I worked it out reading through working out the documentation. I tried to delete post. Sorry,

(Atif Mian) #3

Hi I am getting the same error, can you pls help and tell me how you fixed it

than you

(Donald Allison PA-C) #4

That was a while ago. Sorry I don’t remember exactly how I fixed it. I started over and followed Dr Brady’s documentation carefully and it worked.