Reports with images inserted does not display

(Mark) #1

Using an lbv form with nationnotes field. Testing inserting images into the form which works great.

When on the encounter i click print or try to generate the report I just get a placeholder icon and no image in the report, has anyone got a fix for this?

This does work while looking at the encounter or the LBV form, just not reporting / print.

What is shown in the report or print view:

(ViSolve) #2

• An LBF form with nation notes is created.
• Image is inserted using the URL option.
• We can able to view the uploaded image in encounter summary, LBF and print report (as show below ).

  • If image URL is incorrect we could able to find the delete icon(as you mentioned in the post) in report print.

So could you please verify the image URL and let us know if we need to process some additional steps to reproduce the issue.


(Mark) #3

PDF report seems to be what I am mainly having that issue with.

Also the print button for the form on the encounter gives the same error.

It works fine if I generate a normal report in the reports section, but if i try to make a pdf from that same form in reports then the error image is in the pdf instead.