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Reports at openemr 5.0.2

can you explain to me the usefulness of the report in openemr 5.0.2 in detail,because the wiki is to short an explanation
thank you

Which report are you referring to? Can you post a screenshot. Remember, a picture is worth 1,000,000 words

this is the report i mint

Hi @tinawati
Yes the wiki is scanty on description on a lot of these reports. And it can be tricky to evaluate them if you don’t have a fairly comprehensive collection of data. But with many or most of them you can get information bu selecting as many options as possible then hit ‘Submit’ and at least look at the columns of the blank report. Which is what I did here.
First, the controls:
the Facilities and Providers dropdowns filter to show either all or the specific ones selected.
The date range, of course is that.
The checkboxes:
Details: will include more columns of info in the report than with it not selected; you can run the blank report with ‘Details’ unselected and compare the columns present.
New: Should be ‘new’ encounters, not sure what constitutes ‘new’.
The other checkboxes are what they say; e-signing can take place on a form or an encounter level.
The columns: self evident, except ‘status’ is signed/ not signed;
Encounter: date of the encounter
Form: name of form added to the encounter
Coding: what codes were added to the fee sheet for that encounter.
Hope that helps?