Report - Patients Not Seen in 60 days?

(Sherwin Gaddis) #1

Is there a report in the program that shows patients that have not had an appointment in the past 60 days?


I think the closest we have is in Reports->Clinic->Appointments or Misc->BatchCom…
Recall Board would be the next closest thing.
but those are the opposite of what your asking.
The first two assume that the patients have appointments. Recall board assumes you know they don’t have appointments and wish to schedule a call to set one up.

In short…I think not.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #3

The batch com will more than likely be what I use to make work. But right now out of the box, there is error.

[11-Oct-2018 23:30:42 UTC] SQL Error with statement:query failed: select patient_data.*, cal_events.pc_eventDate as next_appt, cal_events.pc_startTime
as appt_start_time,cal_date.last_appt,forms.last_visit from patient_data
left outer join openemr_postcalendar_events as cal_events on
and curdate() < cal_events.pc_eventDate left outer join (select pc_pid,max(pc_eventDate)
as last_appt from openemr_postcalendar_events where curdate() >= pc_eventDate group by pc_pid )
as cal_date on left outer join (select pid,max(date)
as last_visit from forms where curdate() >= date group by pid)
as forms on where 1=1 and >= ? and <= ? ORDER BY patient_data.postal_code–Unknown column ‘’ in ‘where clause’==>C:\ampc_wamp\www\OpenEMR\interface\batchcom\batchcom.php at 147:sqlStatement

(Sherwin Gaddis) #4

Think I will build a whole new report.

(Jerry P) #5

Try robbing from this for a base project: interface/main/finder/patient_select.php?popup=1&lname=&fname=

(Sherwin Gaddis) #6

How do I get to this @sjpadgett

Found it

(Sherwin Gaddis) #7

Build it out of another report. The patient list has the last day seen in the first column. It was easy to launch out from their and build a report that shows all the appointments that are more than 59 days since their last visit.