Report - Clinical - various issues

I am trying to use Reports > Clients > Clinical to pull out a list of clients with medical issues between a certain date. I have so far found the following issues:

  • In OpenEMR 5.0.2 “Ethnicity” defaults to “Unassigned” where as in OpenEMR 6 “Ethnicity” defaults to, in my case “traveller”. In OpenEMR 6 if I change it to “Unassigned”, then when press Submit it changes it back to “traveller”.

  • In OpenEMR 5.0.2 and 6, if I include Problem DX in the search then it doesn’t appear to work as I receive a lot of results no matter which SNOMED code I select.

  • In OpenEMR 6 I see this a number of times in the search results: “active,category,type,plural,singular,abbreviation,style,force_show,ordering,aco_spec”

  • “Problem DX” - I don’t know this term, is it a medical term?

DX = Diagnosis … think ICD10.

There are various issues here, is anyone else able to respond to them please?

I am also finding that no matter what SNOMED code I select in Problem DX, I get the same few search results. Also, there’s no indication in the search results that these patients have that medical issue.