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Remove Weno Pharmacy List

I am trying to remove a list of imported pharmacies from Weno. But I can’t figure out how to do it?
I can’t find the list in the database.
A little help will be much appreciated!

Thank you

hi @mackenj, there should be a table pharmacies in the db


Yes there is. But only the pharmacies which have been entered manually show up there. I can’t find the imported pharmacies.

Any ideas?

Hi Sherwin,
I have just watch your video on importing Weno pharmacies. I am guessing and hoping that you might know, how to remove them after they have been added. They are not showing up for me in the pharmacies databases which I have now deleted.
Please let me know if you can help,
Thank you

Weno is actually not working for me either. I already signed up for them. I hope this is fixable. Thanks

Hi, I have to asks. How would they show up if you deleted the table info? Help me by walking through step by step. The pharmacies should show under practice settings. The only way to get rid of them is to truncate the table data. Or remove the specific on you want from the database side.

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Can you let me know what is not working? Could you revert you system and use the official patch 2 release? I need more details on what needs to be fixed, changed or otherwise adjusted.


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Well it is a brand new system. I installed the patch yesterday and I have one patient. There is really nothing to revert to. When I try to install the pharmacies the system hangs and nothing ever gets downloaded.
I tried to make a prescription, but it does not happen. It keeps coming back empty.
I have followed the videos. I added the facility ID and the provider ID.

You have two different issues. Have you check the error log?
This is that sticky wicket that Weno has made. If you signed up directly on Weno’s page and not through us. The prescription will not go through our gateway. Providers that sign up directly with Weno will have to build their own gateway to connect to the Weno service. Please contact Weno for a guide.

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Weno just referred me to openemr. They are not very helpful to be honest.

You are absolutely right. My apologies on their behalf. So, how did you receive your facility ID and provider ID?

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I went on their exchange, paid to get their id verification, but my suspicion is that they are not approved for NYS. Hence I have now signed up with Allscripts. Who is also having a problem. However, they are more likely to be already approved in NYS.

@gutiersa to my knowledge. The FDA certification of for all states. There is not a different cert for each state. Weno Exchange should be certified for all states. That is really not the issue.
I will ask Tina to transfer your account under our account with them so you can send a prescription.

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Unfortunately, NYS has added requirements.
But thanks, I do appreciate your help.

Could you please share the added requirements?

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Actually, it looks like the audit requirement is just the federal one. Tina is who initially told me about this.
It may be, then that the only remaining requirement is, as she mentioned yesterday, that the pharmacy register the software, which will be happening on Monday (tomorrow).
This is the website:


Hi @gutiersa, there is another user Sarah G. on your weno account. Is this correct?
Weno is in the process of transferring your account under ours. Is her account a part of yours also? So, we can know if to transfer it as well.

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yes, that is correct
thank you

I will let you know when that is complete

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