Records for the last 5yrs

I’m wanting to get a list of encounters for the past 5yrs - Patients who have visited us during the last 5yrs.

How can I achieve this?

hi @fkasmani, try Reports->Visits->Encounters

Thanks @stephenwaite.
I tried this, but it’s not giving anything more than 20 records. Huge gaps in between and while we have a user a/c besides the admin, trying to use Reports >> Visits >> Encounters only allows us to select the Administrator from the Providers list.
For example, besides the Administrator, there’s another user a/c, “Reception” whoc has been doing all the records entry from the beginning. Do I need to set this user as a Provider in the Users?
And, if I now add this as a provider, will it show results that I’m looking for from the past 5yrs?

I’ve also been trying to get the required info from the database, but am not sure which table refers to Reports >> Visits >> Encounters

hi @fkasmani, it’s form_encounter in the db, what version of OpenEMR are you using?