Reasonable Billing Software

(Fedrick) #1


I would like to integrate my OpenEMR with pluggable billing software in my new practice.
Please suggest me with some billing software, with a minimum charge of service & price and clearinghouse integrations?


(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Fedrick, you actually can do all of the billing yourself directly out of OpenEMR although there have been some nice features added for use with Office Ally.

(Fedrick) #3

hi @stephenwaite,

In OpenEMR Billing, I face some difficulties to handle UI (complex) and also it has more number of clicks. So, I felt need a billing software with less complexity for my ambulatory care.

If I use OpenEMR, how about the clearinghouse Integration with OfficeAlly price and effort?

or Suggest me some other clearinghouse quotes reasonable price?


(Jerry P) #4

Hi, this is research you’ll need to do. Best we (Admins) keep to suggesting available OpenEMR support resources and not get involved in quoting vendor pricing. Harsh, I know! :slight_smile:

Tough call. What point do you break out of OpenEMR for your billing reconciliations? If you use our claim generation and clearing house support, import EOB and post external app, do you then come back to OpenEMR and reconcile claims or leave them hanging? Just one consideration.

Our electronic submission is very mature and time tested with many clearing houses. Office Ally is a more recent clearing house where much attention has been paid including an insurance eligibility module where OfficeAlly is primary tested vendor. introduced in v5.0.2.(I think I may have even backported to v5.0.1). This feature I know is installed and use with several practices.

Remember, there’s billing then accounting. Pretty sure you’ll want to handle billing in OpenEMR, export then maintain accounting in packages design for such matters. IMO.

Stephen is much better experienced with this than me so better advice may occur. :slight_smile:

(Daniel) #5

If you are looking to skip a clearing house, you can send claims directly to the insurance company. Native OpenEMR has the capability to send clearing houses like Office Ally direct claims but there are some insurance companies that require X12 claims in a different format which would require custom development. If you wanted to improve the workflow, you can work directly with a developer who can consult with you and help you achieve your preferences.

I am currently working on a project that gives the ability to submit x12 claims in TR3 format. We will be submitting this to the community in the next month. Once submitted and approved, I will be happy to consult with you and get it set up.