Questionnaire/Assessment feature implementation instructions

New encounter questionnaire instructions: Questionnaire/Assessment feature implementation instructions - #5 by sjpadgett

Though many will be creative in different ways to develop a questionnaire, I’ll show a couple ways to get started using NIH tools.
Note the following websites:

  • LHC-Forms Questionnaire App Is an available application populated with many test patients and questionnaires.
  • NLM Form Builder Can be used to import existing questionnaires to modify from a couple FHIR server sources or simply use form as is.

Both sources allow either a file download as a json FHIR Questionnaire where the file can then be used to import into OpenEMR from the Portal Dashboard->Manage Templates or a clipboard copy/paste into your own file.

So I’ll start with picking a PHQ-9 questionnaire with scoring using NLM Form Builder and selecting from a LOINC search.

Select on left Export then Export to file and save the R4 version using a file name the patient will understand as that will be the name used after file import. The file should contain only the resource json and be give a .json extension.

Using the dashboard Template Manager you may import as a questionnaire template for the portal or import just the questionnaire to be stored in the questionnaire repository for use by the FHIR API/SMART app or future self created templates using the Questionnaire directives available in the template editor drag/drop menu.

When importing as a normal template import, OpenEMR will auto create the necessary document template and assigned the json resource which is stored in questionnaire repository and the template to the Document Template repository which can then be assigned to a Profile and patients/groups.

After Template import

Then drag and drop to a profile.

Next ensure profile is enabled for the portal here:

Once this is done go to portal for an assigned patient and select questionnaire from My Documents->Select Documents pull down.

That’s all there is to it. I hope this hasn’t been to brief however, please ask any questions if any clarifications are needed and I’ll respond ASAP.



To use the NLM tool, here are a couple more screenshots to get you the phq9 form.

First on the NLM page:

Hit the Imports button

Then select the Import a LOINC form:

Put in a search term for the type of form you want to import.

In this case we will do phq9:

Hit the import button once you’ve selected the form you want and it shows up on the screen

Now as Jerry mentioned hit the export button with export to file

Select R4 option and hit continue

Now follow the rest of Jerry’s steps to complete the process.

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Thanks Stephen! Ifin I wasn’t so darn lazy!:slight_smile:

Just a note to all. I’m now working on adding a dialog to allow dropping/pasting a questionnaire json into a text box and a name input instead of having to create a file to import.
Also adding the questionnaire repository items to a new table for deleting/edit or general management of questionnaires.


Creating an encounter questionnaire from questionnaire/assessment lookup.

That’s it and should have this finish by Monday 8/9


I was looking for LHC-Forms and OpenEMR, and I came across this post. When will this be added (in which patch)? I’m really exited for this feature.

Hi and welcome.
I plan at minimum to include the encounter implementation in patch 2.
I still have work to do on the portal and demographics implementation so currently I’m not sure about their inclusion.

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