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Hello @arnabnaha sir

I would like to know if there is any standard procedure and format of MAR followed through out. Also, are MAR sheets( (also referred as drug sheets) and the MAR Report different things, as there are various sources online describing different things? Would you please share any references which are followed by medical professionals for the same?


Hello @arnabnaha,

Thanks for the concern, I’m a Student from Nigeria and I hope to participate in the 2020 GSoC program. I love to know if you’re open on the openemr slack app.

Thank you.

Hi @gpp5519,

We are putting together an info packet on some of the details of a MAR to answer a lot of common questions. I’ll post a link once it’s ready


Thank you @robert.down

Here’s a link to a post on a different GSOC project about tracking of patient medication adherence at home. Maybe you could consider adding a separate MAR for drugs taken at home. I’d recommend keeping it separate due to lower confidence/data integrity, people could just put tic tacs in their pill bottle and probably pull a fast one on the clinician observer.

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I want to contribute to ‘Support MAR’ for GSOC 20 application. But this seems way too complicated.

Hi Harshit, it’s totally okay to feel confused. OpenEMR is a large codebase and it’s easy to get overwhelmed in starting to develop code to integrate within it.

I’d recommend getting your development environment set up and just start with making a few test pages.

May I know more about the integration part of MAR like where are we going to integrate it in OpenEMR codebase?

hi @adad20, here’s how Robert envisions

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