Project - Support MAR

A Medication Administration Record (MAR) is a record of all medications that are given to a patient while they are in a hospital or nursing home facility. OpenEMR currently supports a medication list and writing prescriptions, however, OpenEMR does not support a MAR. Goal is to implement a MAR in OpenEMR.


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hi GSoC, here’s a nice issue to review and see if interested

Hello mentors @robert.down @stephenwaite ,
My name is Aditya Tomar from India and I am currently in my second year of graduation.
Skills I aquire are of mainly web development domain like MERN, PHP, Nodejs.

I am highly interested in this project idea. But I want to know more about it. Can you please guide me through the path?

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sure @adad20, thank you for your interest
here’s the roadmap

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@stephenwaite Wouldn’t it be easier to a transaction format that stores

pid,, role, prescription id, admin dosage, admin route, admin site, admin timestamp, admin override, note
where role = preadmin, admin, witness, postadmin

This will permit multiple users to report their orders/observations at different times. Preadmin and admin will see defaults from prescription and be able to override with some explanation. Witness and postadmin will only get to record their note as a separate record linked to prior action but multiple times as reactions will go through iterations that need to be logged in sequence.

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@stephenwaite Is there any repository maintained for this project or we have to start from scratch?
And is there anything you want to recommend me to be on the as same page as you? I have seen the road map and took a tour of the OpenEMR and I want to explore more about the codebase.

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Hi @adad20, would you like to begin by taking a look at this issue?

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Hello Mentors,
I am Sk Shahnawaz, a CS Undergraduate student from India. I had contributing to the openemr repo on Github for quite some time and fixing the issues. After going through the projects listed under OpenEMR for GSoC 2020, this idea really interests me and suits my domain. Please guide me how to begin knowing more about this. Meanwhile I am exploring the technology :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @adad20 and @skshahnawaz ,

I would consider this project to consist of 2 parts.

Part 1 would be to improve the current medication feature in OpenEMR to store all the necessary medication elements and to integrate well with the prescription feature in OpenEMR. See here for an issue that proposes a way to do this:
add prescription to medication leaves something to be desired :) · Issue #2917 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

Part 2 is the building of the MAR (Medication Administration Record) feature which basically involves documentation of the administration of medications and the ability to derive a multitude of reports from this. For a brief related use case, see this forum thread:
Kiosk view of all upcoming medications?
And for a a more detailed thread discussing MAR, see here: Medical Administration Record

Hope this helps to get you started,


Hello Mentors,
I am Shubha , a Computer Science Undergraduate student from India. As I am mostly interested in Medical and Healthcare domain,I find this project very interesting and willing to be a part of it.
I request you to guide me, to learn more about it .
Thank You.


Hi @shubha You may refer the previous post for the information and start contributing to the openemr repo to familiarize yourself with the codebase.

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Hi everyone,
My name is Amit Kumar Meena and I just went through the roadmap and the previous post and it looks fun. I would love to join the party if there is still a need for helping hands.


does this feature need to be built from the scratch or does there is any code previously available that need to be developed

@vishal_io As of now Openemr does not support MAR, so it should be made from scratch.

are u participating in gsoc @adad20

@vishal_io yes I am indeed taking part in gsoc…:blush::blush:

Hello Mentors, I will like to know if the Medication Administration Record System which is to built is meant to be integrated with OpenEMR through an API endpoint or will be developed as a core subsystem in the OpenEMR.

Hi, it would be a core subsystem but written as a module.

Oh okay, thanks @robert.down

Hi all Gsoc Students…
I am Dr. Arnab Naha from kolkata, India. If u need any help regarding medical roadmaps or understanding medical flows in a hospital, please feel free to communicate. I am associated with openemr for more than 10 yrs now. Hope i could be of help to you all.

Thanks & Regards
Dr. Arnab Naha