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'Product' added on the fee sheet doesn't appear on the 'Past encounters and documents' tab of the patient


I am using OpenEMR_5.0.1_Ubuntu-Debian_Package_Installation_with_PHP7.
Sometimes in our clinic we only need to sell a product to a patient who has gotten and paid for medical services or procedures in previous encounters.
But when adding only a product in a new encounter from a patient’s fee sheet while leaving the CPT code field empty and saving the fee sheet, that product doesn’t appear on the ‘Past encounters and documents’ tab of the patient when switching to ‘Billing view’.
I noticed that the amount charged and description of the product appear on the ‘Patient Checkout’ page.
Any ideas on how to get the product code and charged amount shown on ‘Past encounters and documents’ tab of the patient after switching to ‘Billing view’?
I’m aware that prescribing the product from the in-house inventory is a more suitable option but when doing so the price of the product doesn’t appear on the ‘Patient Checkout’ page (the price is always 0.00).

Any help would be appreciated.

@dagem A couple thoughts here.
For your first scenario, have you tried creating an in-house CPT code to use in the fee sheet? The method for creating them is described in the wiki page,

in section 5. "Fill the categories with their codes "
The in-house codes can be any alphanumeric combination not used in actual coding.

As far as using the inventory, looking in the wiki I see that a page I wrote never made it in. Called, “Using OpenEMR Inventory/Dispensary Module for Non-Pharmaceutical Products”, it specifically discusses the steps needed to use the in- house inventory for non- medication products. Take a look at it and see if it addresses your needs.
Good luck- Harley
MISquared-Using OpenEMR Inventory-Dispensary Module for Non- Pharmaceutical Products .pdf (426.8 KB)

ADDENDUM: in fixing up the doc to put in the docs Wiki I’ve found a couple changes in the interface from what is shown in the pdf, specifically, in the instructions on how to order a product from inventory.
I’ll get the revisions posted to the wiki entry ASAP.

  • HT

Please see the OpenEMR wiki page
for a corrected and updated version of the material in that pdf.
Let me know if you find any problems with it.
Thanks- HT