Problems with the encounter report (Reports/ Visits/ Encounters)?

Hi Folks-
Has anybody else seen problems with the encounter report (Reports/ Visits/ Encounters) finding what it’s supposed to find?

The eight.openemr demo has 3 encounters in it, one for each patient (all are dated in 2014 which is probably immaterial but I set the date range from 2013 - present and it finds them all).
Globals/ E-Sign have all options selected.

When I look for ‘Forms e-signed’ it shows a SOAP form for all 3 patients and the only provider mentioned is admin Billy, looking like he signed all the forms. Even though in fact pt Susan has nothing signed in her encounter, and physician Donna has signed Phil’s encounter and one of his SOAP forms.

Looking for e-signed forms shows the exact same display with Billy as provider. If you try to just search for Donna’s forms you get an empty display for both encounters and forms.

Looking for ‘all providers’, ‘not e-signed’ shows an empty display even though it should have all of Susan’s forms in it
Am I using the report wrong, or… is something else wrong?
Best- Harley

Sounds like a bug @htuck.