Problems with Patient Statement in 5.0.2

(Craig Tucker) #1

Patient Statement PDF is incomplete. I am only getting partial data printing out in my PDF in 5.0.2. The bottom portion of the form after “Please return this bottom part with your payment” is missing (Payment form, credit card logos, and ADDRESS TO and REMIT TO etc.). The services and totals are all there. The addresses at the top are there.

I am using OEMR 5.0.2.
I’m using: Chrome and Firefox.
I’m using: Linux–Debian/Synology

I am not seeing any errors in the logs.

I looked at permissions for files and in the images and all is correct there. Any idea what may be tripping this up?

(Craig Tucker) #2

At closer look, What I am seeing is that the bottom part of the statement is not printing for single statements. But if I select two statements, the bottom part of the form not print on the second form. If I select 3 forms, the bottom part of the form appears for the first two patients and the third page is blank. If I select 4 or more patients only three pages will be produced in the pattern of two with the bottom part of the form and the last page blank. This does not happen in 5.0.1 for me.

Also I am seeing that I have to adjust the width of images from 100% down to 25% otherwise the page is distorted. All is very strange in comparison to in 5.0.1. I am not sure what is different here.