Problem with adding drug to inventory

Can anyone be of help please…
I just installed OpenEMR 6.0.0. on Widows 10. I am finding it difficult to add purchased drug information to my inventory. When I click “New” which takes you to where you have to add Lot number, Expiration, transaction, quantity etc ), I get presented with the following blank dialogue box without any update of the inventory with relevant information.

Can any one suggest what more I should do ?
Thank you

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Any solution for this please.
Hello there,
I have trouble loading RXCUI when entering a drug inputs in Inventory .
Datatable Warning appears

as in the attached image.

Also when i trying load “trans” and submit the form it goes blank.

Please help. thanks

Looks like you haven’t install the RXCUI code using Admin->Coding->Native Data Loads
You’ll have to have an account for RXNorm to get codes and they are copyrighted I believe but it’s been a long time since I’ve sought out these codes so not sure where to get them. Maybe someone in the know will correct me.
Hopefully your on v7 as it will be difficult to get support for v6 here unless it is recreated in v7 using one of our demos perhaps.

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Thanks you, Datatables warning is fixed.
We can download from
and yes i m on v7.

I m still trying to figure this issue
[when i trying load “trans” and submit the form it goes blank.] as seen in above image

thank you