Printing Encounter Notes

(Nasim Ali) #1

Short version: Is there a way to print the encounter notes separately without printing the whole page?

Long version: I’m a doctor in a state run hospital in a tiny village in India. The reason I’d like to use an EMR is because I have a lot of recurring patients and they almost never bring their prescription from previous visits so I’m left clueless about medications and history.

I’d love to use the prescription feature but filling each field every time seems cumbersome especially since we dispense only limited types of medications. Is there a way to set it up? Also each drug in prescription section stays there permanently. Is there a way to associate it to a particular encounter. Say Mr X came in on 6th April for Tinea and I had prescribed him Fluconazole and Terbinafine and he comes back on 2nd May for Conjunctivits. I dont need to see all previous medications in prescription section but I’d like to know what I gave him in last encounter. If not possible I can just write my prescription in the Encounter notes section and preferably print it.

Also is there a way to customize the prescription printing part so the the details of a drug stay in a line or two? Our prescription pad in tiny (C5 size) and more than 4 medications overflows to 2 pages

(Sherwin Gaddis) #2


There are ways to do what you are asking.

Once you enter a prescription, you don’t have to type it in again. You just open the prescription and print it out the next time the patient needs it filled.

Once you have prescribed a medication to a patient. You can associate that prescription to the visit by checking the box at the bottom of the prescription button to add the medication to the medication list.


Once you do that then you can go into the encounter and associate the medication with the visit.

In order to change the number of prescriptions that are printed on a page may require some code changes. But try going into the globals and making changes here and see if this works out for you.