Preparing for 7.0.0 release

Goal is to release 7.0.0 right after get 2015 ONC cert (predicting will be finalized in 1-3 weeks). So now is the time to test and report issues :slight_smile:

Devs can build/test 7.0.0-dev directly from the github branch:

Have daily 7.0.0-dev builds at (with linked instruction sets):
OpenEMR Downloads - OpenEMR Project Wiki

And can test on the 7.0.0-dev online demos here:
Development 7.0.0 Demo - OpenEMR Project Wiki

The docker tagged 7.0.0 or next will also be using 7.0.0-dev codebase (goal is to build this daily, but this is manual, so that may not happen daily) (note the auto-upgrade mechanism has not yet been put into the 7.0.0 docker):
Docker Hub


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I would like to volunteer for 7.0.0 release testing.
What is the process to report test issues?

Hi @sovratec ,
Thanks for offering to test. 7.0.0 will be released any day now, but definitely feel free to test it and report issues either here in the forum or on github.