Post restore problems with missing calender 6.0.0

Hi my server crashes - I restored the machine with the exact parameters - ubunut 18.04, php7.4… etc I rans the restore script after ubdate all php variables and now calender does not appear after the restore. Tapping in the the php.ini log I see the following PHP notice: Only variable references shold be returned by reference in /var/www/html/openemr/interface/main/calender/modules/PostCalender/common.api.php on line 157, referer:

Not what to do here, is this file corrupt? Something go wrong with the download? Asstance is appreciated.


Well, something did go wrong. But what went wrong is hard to tell from what you wrote. My suggestion is not to struggle with the current restoration. Do the restore again. If you have a copy of the database itself do this.
Install a fresh copy of OpenEMR, once the fresh copy is up and working. Use the command line to import the previous data. This way you know you have a clean working copy and database. Then when you import the data, if the system stops working. There is something amidst in the data.

Well I ended up starting from scratch. Ran in to a few problems with mysql setup but got through it and we are up and running with the 6.1.0 upgrade. The calendar matter went away but there are whole lot new problems that I will open up new ticket for but at least I can see the calendar now.

Thanks so much.