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Possible bug in latest master when registering a smart app

I think I found a bug in the latest master when registering a smart app it is not adding any of the api:oemr user scopes I noticed because I kept running into the user/ error so I decided to compare my app scopes and the ones in the database and lo and behold my app had all the scopes but the database didn’t.

Is this a change you guys are doing and removing the api:oemr scopes when registering a smart app? I was also having issues because the api:pohf scope was removed so tracking these down was a few hours of fun pulling my hair trying to figure out what was going on.

Here’s a screenshot of the scopes when you register a smart app without any system scopes:

Here are the scopes I had for my app so I had to go into the database and add these myself in order to get my app working again.

Anyways just thought I’d let you guys know in case yáll were not aware, thanks.