Portal Audit Showing Data Adaptor Related Related Errors

Anytime portal audit is clicked, i receive a dialog that makes mention of Data Adaptor errors.

Error: «" success":talse," message":" DataAdapter (detault) Error
Opening DB: Packets out of order. Expected 1 received O. Packet
size=145 in MySQLi.php at line 128 (retry attempts: 0)" "errors":
[],"stackTrace":["0 WvarVwwwVhtmlVportalVpatientVfwkVlibsl
›Open()","1 VvarVwwwVhtmlVportalVpatientVfwkVlibsVverysimpleV
›Require Connection()", "2 WvarVwwwVhtmlVportalVpatientVlibsV

OpenEMR Version
Version 7.0.0

I’m using: chrome

Operating System
I’m using: MacOS


No clue how you got into the mess showing for error. Never seen before. Is this nginx? What are rewrites?

anyway once you get that sorted as it is not a bug in openemr here is print doc with signature which is everything since patch 2.

Nope, we’re on apache.

We migrated from one server to another with different domain names and all.

Will check out the Portal Doc Print and get back to you.

Thanks much

This definitely solved the problem.

Many thanks.