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Please HELP! Add Calendar Event button and preview event not working

I just successfully installed OpenEMR Express Plus v5.0.2 from AWS CloudFormation on 10/17/2020. Everything works perfectly, except the Add Calendar Event button doesn’t work (the “+” button on the upper left corner of the calendar). Nothing pops out after clicked on it. The search button next by it works fine though. I can set up appointment through the patient, but I can’t double click and open/edit it on the calendar. How can this be resolved?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR Express Plus v5.0.2

I’m using Chrome.

Operating System
I’m using Windows 10:

I am not so sure which log to get. There are so many saved in the S3.

hi @cyau, did you clear the cache?

After researching for a whole day, I found out why. For OpenEMR 5.0.2, if you set the Appearance to Frame, some area won’t work, like the Calendar add/edit pop-out. Once I set it back to Tabs, everything works again…

ok, that’s frustrating, it’s good to get used to tabs since will be the only option in v6 but if you would like to use frames in 5.0.2 you can install patch 4

Thanks! I will get familiar with Tabs style, it does look more modern.

Actually, can u show me how to find the patch and how to install it in AWS? I am new to this. Just in case, for the future I need to install patch and do update. Thanks a lot!

hi @cyau, sure, see this

Ohhh I once installed the open EMR 5.0.2 and I do my patch 4 installation too but at the too of my intitial login page the keep giving the message of you have a problem on line 801 or any number of my code .
So pls how can one do in this situation ,I using windows 10 and I have started the display to fram