Physical Exam Form Conditional format

Hi everyone, i just want to wish you guys a happy new year.
Please i am facing an issue , i want to make my Physical Exam form to have onditional especially when selecting certatin texts. I need a hide or show function.

Also i want to delete the Dignosis section and the comment section .
Please i need help. See image

Hi @Natt_SL_Limited - And a happy and prosperous New Year to you too!
Many people have not heard of the Nation Notes (‘NN’) functionality unless they’ve been playing with OpenEMR for a long time. NN provide one more level of control over the behavior of an LBF where you build optional displays and inputs then select which one you want when the need arises.

Check out these wiki pages and see if NN can work for you.

Best- Harley

Thanks @htuck , what i need is to twik the Physical form when selecting abnormal, then opens the sub list to select the type of abnormality. Meaning implementing a hide and show on the checkbox selection

Hi @Natt_SL_Limited -
Yes, I was just suggesting another approach to your task. If you want to continue to use your existing Physical form you will need to custom code it in php to achieve the capability you want.

NationNotes on the other hand, offers a way to perform the desired conditional inputs but it uses a completely different way of doing things. Your Physical form would need to be re- created from scratch in NN.

If you have access to an OpenEMR php dev I’m sure you’ll want to go with the first option. If not, it is completely feasible for a non- dev to learn NN and be successful at creating very versatile data entry forms.

Best- Harley