Pharmacy module for international locations

Can the native pharmacy module can be configured for use at international locations.? Also, what is the typical setup for these situations with multiple locations? Is a Cloud based solution recommended? Thanks


Please find the below wiki page for configuration of pharmacy module

Hi @Atson_Nakayama -
The native pharmacy module (‘Pharmacy Dispensary Module’) is intended to be used as a stand- alone in- house pharmacy and many of its traits can be configured as desired. For example, referring to the wiki page linked above, when you add a new drug you can change the Form, Units, Route etc dropdown lists by editing the lists in ‘Administration/ Forms/ Lists’ (in OpenEMR v6+) . So if you do not need links to outside references you can set it up for use in any country.

However, some of the features, e.g. the NDC number, do use US standards and the drug search for adding a new medication searches American catalogs so those may limit its usefulness to you.
Good luck- Harley